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It is 100% FREE to become an Alotta Pajs affiliate! There are NO fees or quotas, and no need to keep any type of inventory on hand either! All orders are handled online and shipped directly to customers. Alotta Pajs Boutique ships to customers all over the world, and our affiliate program is a worldwide opportunity!

As an affiliate, you will...
*Be given your own personal website link and FREE access to your back office!
*Earn 20% commission on sales made from your website link!
*Earn 5% commission on level 1 downlines' sales!
*Earn 2% commission on level 2 downlines' sales!
*Be paid earned commissions on Saturdays ($10 minimum) via PayPal!
*Have access to FREE training, help and support,
and other exclusive Alotta Pajs groups!
*Receive access to a 25% affiliate discount!
*Be given ALOTTA opportunities to win FREE gifts from Alotta Pajs!

(We LOVE to spoil our affiliates, and do so almost daily!)

To join, simply click the link below to get signed up!

You will be asked for your name, email, and the name of the person that referred you to Alotta Pajs Boutique.


You will receive a welcome email that will include a direct link to your back office, where you will find your personal website link as well. Reach out to the person who referred you to ensure that you are added to our company groups for training, support, and important updates!

We look forward to having you join our team!