Shipping Details

Delivery Time
Alotta Pajs uses international suppliers from various countries to be able to provide products at low and affordable prices.  The general estimated delivery time is 12-20 business days. Please exclude weekends and holidays when calculating your estimated delivery time. The majority of the items listed on our website come from suppliers that have given us this time frame of having product orders delivered. Please keep in mind that there is also a processing time frame (see more details below). 

From our company’s personal experience, the average delivery time frame from our suppliers tends to be within about 14 business days, starting once the order has physically shipped. An email will be sent to you letting you know when your order has been shipped by our supplier(s). The date of the email will mark the beginning of the 12-20 days time frame of estimated delivery.

We do have some products that ship from the United States, as well as some that only ship to the United States. These items will specify that they do in an item’s description. If the item is shipped from the United States and the customer is located in the United States, the expected delivery time may be a bit sooner.

Shipping times are always approximate, given that there is no hold up with customs, holiday, or other rare occasion of an unexpected issue, causing a delay on the suppliers end.  

All orders made from www.alottapajs.com are processed by Alotta Pajs Boutique within 1-3 business days. However, orders must then be processed and shipped by our suppliers, whose processing time is within 2-7 business days.

Shipping Fees
We do not have a flat rate shipping amount. However, our shipping starts at $2.84 USD for orders shipped to the United States and can go up depending on the weight of the total order. International shipping starts at $5.95 USD and can go up based upon the weight of the total order as well.

Items on our website that are * FREE, just pay shipping * have their own shipping rates. You cannot bypass the normal shipping fees by adding one of these items to your shopping cart.

“Do all items ship together?” No, not necessarily.
Alotta Pajs Boutique works with more than one supplier, some of which are international and some of which are based in the United States. Due to this, your order may consist of items that come from various suppliers. If you have more than one item in an order, you may receive your items in separate packaging, as well as the possibility of packages arriving on separate dates.

"I still have not received my order, now what?"
If it has been more than one week (7 days) past the estimated delivery date (20 business days from the date shipped) and an order still has not been received, please email alottapajsboutique@gmail.com and we will look into the issue and handle it accordingly.  Please include your name, order number, and a brief summary of the issue.