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When ordering from our website, it is VERY IMPORTANT to pay close attention to the product descriptions and any size charts that may be included with the product listing. The majority of our clothing items will have sizing information in the description and/or size charts in the description and/ product images.
We have various suppliers, many of which are international, therefore our sizing is considered to be Global Sizing, rather than solely U.S. standard sizing. We have chosen to work with the suppliers that we do to be able to provide our customers with a wide variety of products, at lower and affordable prices.

For example, some suppliers may use Asian sizes, rather than U.S. sizes. An Asian size small is not equivalent to a U.S. size small, which is why we have included size conversion details (measurements) and/or size charts with the majority of our clothing and shoes.

If an item's description gives measurements, please make sure you measure yourself or use your known measurements to compare and ensure that you order the correct size needed.

Most international sizes tend to run smaller than U.S. sizes. Typically, when it comes to ordering clothing that is in Asian sizes, most people tend to order 1-2 sizes up from what their U.S. size would be in order to receive an item that will fit them properly.

Please remember to keep this in mind and make sure to utilize the sizing descriptions and size charts before ordering.