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Rechargeable LED Electric Fly Swatter Metal Mesh Surface Indoors Outdoors Insect Mosquito Bug Killer US PLUG VERSION


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Insect Repellent
Summer hot products, can kill mosquitoes or other flying insects. It`s the good helper for the home air conditioning room, household kitchen, hotel, dining hall, catering industry and hospital health.
The electric fly swatter is rechargeable, do not use the battery, can charge at any time, convenient and practical.

Super Bright LED light
With the bright LED light, it can also be used for lighting even when it is outdoors in the evening or in a dark interior. It can help you kill the fly, mosquito or bug for 24 hours.
High Voltage
The highest working voltage is 2000v so it is the efficient mosquito killer pat. With so high the voltage you have to ensure if it is safe to touch the metal and mesh surface.
Not Waterproof
The metal mesh, the battery in place and the plug are not waterproof and should be dried to prevent the metal screen from rusting.

Type: Electric Fly Swatter
Material: ABS Plastic
Quantity: 1pc
Mesh Style:3-Layer
Item Size:50*21.5*3.9cm/19.7*8.5*1.5Inch''(L*W*H)
Net Weight:292g/10.3oz

1*Electric Fly Swatter